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Single-phase AC power source and applications of three-phase system



AC power is a power supply whose voltage amplitude and current direction change periodically. AC power is often used as a source of household power and industrial power. AC power is mainly divided into single-phase and three-phase power supplies. Single-phase power includes a live wire and a neutral wire. In most cases, household power and general commercial power are provided by single-phase power, since single-phase power has the advantages of simple wiring and low design cost.


Three-phase power includes three live wires and a neutral wire. The three live wires have same frequency, same voltage amplitude and the phase difference of 120 degrees. The advantages of the three-phase power are small power loss, better power output efficiency, stable current, and operating under a larger power load, therefore, three-phase power is often utilized in industries, power grids, and places with large power load requirements.


GW Instek ASR-2000/3000 are a single-phase AC+DC Power Source. ASR-3000 provides a maximum power output of 4kVA/400Vrms/±570Vdc, which not only outputs AC sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, but also allows users to edit 16 sets of arbitrary waveforms. Furthermore, the powerful ASR-2000/3000 AC power source can measure Vrms, Vavg, Vpeak, Irms, Iavg, Ipeak, IpkH, P, S, Q, PF, CF, Voltage Harmonic and Current Harmonic, and set the start /stop phase of the output waveform to generate sequential AC and DC power output.


ASR-2000/3000 have an option of ASR-002 three-phase power controller to achieve voltage multiplication and meet the output requirements of 1P3W, 3P3W, and 3P4W power output. Users use a computer to communicate with ASR-002 and ASR-002 synchronously controls signals so as to control the output amplitude, frequency and phase angle of three ASR-2000/3000 to provide a three-phase power output. ASR-2000/3000+ASR-002 is a practical single-phase three-phase AC output solution.





※ ASR-2000/3000: www.gwinstek.com/en-global/products/layer/AC_Power_Source/AC_DC_Po wer_Sources
※ ASR-002 application file: www.gwinstek.com/en-global/products/downloadSeriesDownNew/19048/ 2109



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