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Multifunctional Isolated Channel Function Generator




Function generator is an indispensable instrument for generating simulated signals required for testing. However, function generators we often use cannot meet our needs when we encounter simultaneous simulated outputs of more than dual-channel signals, or when we need a larger output current or higher frequency. The MFG-2000 series function generator is different from the conventional function generator architecture, which only has one single-channel or dual-channel. Users can choose from the series the number of channels up to five channels for simultaneous outputs according to their needs, including CH1, CH2 -two equivalent performance AWG channels; one 320MHz RF signal generator; one 25MHz pulse generator and one power amplifier.


The following table shows the functions provided by each model




The MFG-2000 series has built-in medical waveforms, which can provide functional testing of Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMD). MFG-2000 is designed for isolated channels. MFG-2120MA, MFG-2260MRA and MFG-2260MFA with a built-in power amplifier can easily produce simulated signals of medical devices.
(The following figure shows that the medical waveform is generated from CH1 to the input terminal of the power amplifier, and then the amplified waveform is produced from the input terminal of the power amplifier)




Moreover, the power amplifier with a very small output impedance is ideal for driving non-polar light-emitting components. General function generators cannot drive non- polar light-emitting components, because the output impedance can only be 50ohm or 1Mohm instead of an output impedance close to 0ohm.


The power amplifier function of MFG-2000 can collocate with built-in medical waveforms to generate simulated signals for testing and verifying medical products. The characteristics of output impedance close to 0 ohm can be used to drive non-polar light-emitting components to confirm the actual luminescence phenomenon.



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