2021 EDM


Measurement of integral current (Ah) and integral power (Wh)
~ ~ Vehicle-mounted electric ~~



In recent years, the cost of electricity has been rising significantly, and the demand for energy saving of electrical equipment has increased remarkably. Similarly, for the limited power supply of electric vehicles, the energy-saving demand for vehicle-mounted electrical equipment is also increasing. Therefore, understanding and designing the best current measurement value and standby power current measurement value of the vehicle-mounted electric during rated operation are highly emphasized.

However, when measuring integral power in the past, the power meter could only select a specific current level (voltage level) for measurement. Therefore, when the vehicle-mounted electrical appliances are in different current consumption states, there is often no suitable current levels for measurement, resulting in large measurement errors. For example, if the measurement range error in the 5A range is ±0.1%, an error of 5mA will occur. When measuring 100mA, an error of 5% will occur.


GW Instek GPM-8310 provides the integral measurement function that can automatically set the measurement levels and automatically shift levels.For example, users can select the appropriate level on GPM-8310 according to the current range that the vehicle-mounted electric may consume (as shown in the figure), and then start the integration function. It can effectively avoid the waste of time when shifting levels and errors so as to conduct measurement within the most suitable range and obtain accurate integral measurement results.

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