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Automotive and electrical equipment test applications



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GW Instek power supplies and electronic loads are widely utilized in automotive and electrical equipment tests. We would like to share those applications with you in order to learn more about our power supplies and electronic loads.



Starter motor test

Model name: The PSU Series
Application: Starter motor start test/evaluation
Description: Passing large current in a short time can simulate the behavior of battery
Reason for adoption
-The current and power can be increased through the master/slave parallel connection, and the response time can also be satisfied.
-It has the variable output impedance function (△R function), which can simulate the behavior of battery.
-△R can be changed through PC control, therefore, it can be integrated into automatic test system.
Procurement departments
-Quality assurance department of electrical component manufacturer
-Electrical design verification department



Battery charge and discharge test

Model names: The PSU series (the PSW Series), the PEL-3000 Series
Application: Evaluation of vehicle mounted batteries
Description: Repeat charging and discharging in a short time when the car is running. These modes are actual fuel consumption measurement standards.
Reason for adoption

Collocating with LinkVIeW, they can effectively carry out related experiment verifications such as charging and discharging.
Procurement departments
-Quality assurance department of automobile manufacturer
-Battery manufacturer quality/technical department, etc.



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