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Power Output and Sink Test with GPP-x323


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The GPP-x323 Series is a multi-output power supply, which not only has the characteristics of High Readback Resolution (0.1mV/0.1mA) and Transient Response Time≦50µs, but also the power output of channel 1 and channel 2 can be switched to the input of power consumption. A GPP-x323 can simulate the consumption of battery power by an electronic device and charge the battery at the same time. Refer to the power consumption current of the electronic device and set the current sink of GPP-x323 channel 2, and set the output voltage and output current of channel 1 according to the battery charging specifications. A GPP-x323 can realize simple charging and discharging tests without collocating with an electronic load. The test be conducted on a limited test site and the purchase cost of test equipment can be reduced.


Both Charging and Discharging Test with GPP-2323


Users can edit the Sequential Output Function according to the test requirements to make channel 1 generate a sequential power output to the DUT. The minimum editable time unit is 1 second. According to the load characteristics of the DUT, set channel 2 as the load of the DUT for testing. For example: DC-DC Converter test.



Enable Load Function

DC-DC Converter Test



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