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Why Isolated Function Generators?


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Signal generator is an indispensable instrument for generating simulated signals. Perhaps, you don’t know that signal generators by design have isolated channels and non-isolated channels. Currently we have launched the MFG-2000 series isolated channel signal generator; the AFG -3000 series independent isolated channel signal generator; and the AFG-2000 series general signal generator.


Generally speaking, isolated channel signal generators can meet the following three test requirements that general signal generators cannot achieve.

1.When simulating signal output exceeding the output offset range such as the buzzer test demand, all signal generators can only reach the maximum signal offset of +/-5Vpk AC+DC (into 50ohm). If the output signal needs to exceed this range, an isolated-channel signal generator with a DC power supply are required to achieve the test requirement. The maximum (DC+AC) peak voltage of our isolated channel signal generators can reach +/-42V.
The achieved configuration and waveform display are as follows:


2.Experiments conducted in academic institutions such as full-wave bridge rectification or voltage doubling experiments must use isolated-channel signal generators to achieve the ideal output waveform.
The following circuit is bridge rectification and the waveform was produced by an isolated channel function generator.



The output signal ground of isolated function generators is not common grounding with that of oscilloscopes, hence, rectified waveforms can be simulated. Only isolated function generators can display correct waveforms for a bridge rectification circuit.


3.When integrating the automatic test system (ATE), isolated-channel signal generators free users from considering whether there is a common ground issue between the instruments.

Other than the above three test categories, there are many applications that require the use of isolated-channel signal generators. For example:

  • Act as I/Q signal generator (AFG-3032/3022 has provided I/Q baseband waveform as standard)
  • Differential input signal
  • Inverter evaluation
  • Industrial robot and servo system testing, pulse motor driving.
  • Simulation of bio-signals, electrolysis and electroplating.


Please contact us for further information of the AFG-3000 and MFG-2000 series.




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