2020 EDM


Affordable 200MHz/2CH Oscilloscope


Dear Madam/Sir,

GDS-1202B is a new 200MHz/2CH model of the GDS-1000B series and it was launched on April 13, 2020.

The introduction of this new model allows users to have more affordable choices of 200MHz/2CH oscilloscopes.

We provide I2C, UART, CAN and LIN serial bus triggering and decoding functions which are standard functions of the GDS-2000E series as standard functions for the GDS-1000B series.




If you have not yet place GDS-1202B information on your official websites, please update the product information of this 200MHz/2CH entry-level oscilloscope as soon as possible to allow users who want to buy entry-level or educational models know that we have provided GDS-1202B.


Please contact us for further information of GDS-1202B.



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