2020 EDM


Saving your safety testing results without PC connection


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Test result collection of DUT is a required process for various productions. Safety testing also requires result collection. Nowadays, most safety testing equipment already has interfaces for communications or data transmission, but it is difficult to connect the safety testing equipment with PC to collect data due to the limitations of the manufacturing space.


GPT-12000 not only provides the function of immediately viewing statistical results on the display, but also has two methods for storing test results, which allow users to keep the results of each test for subsequent analysis without connecting to a computer.

  • USB storage: Through the settings, the results of each test will be immediately saved to the USB flash drive.
  • Internal storage: Through the settings, the results of each test are first stored in the internal memory (maximum 30,000 lots). After the test is completed, save the results to the computer via a USB flash drive or by commands.


PS: Function is available for firmware version V1.03 or the latest




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