Unleashing Power for AI Servers: The ASR-6000 Series High Performance AC/DC Power Source





GW Instek, a professional T&M instrument manufacturer, rolled out a new programmable AC and DC power supply - the ASR-6000 series on February 6th, 2024, augmenting the existing GW Instek AC/DC power supply family. The invincible launch of GW Instek flagship model ASR-6000 demonstrates that GW Instek can provide a complete test solution for high-power AC sources.



Key Features, Advantages, and benefits:






High power density 4U 6kVA output design

Each unit is 4U that can provide a maximum output power of 6kVA and supports parallel connection to expand the output power.

Using third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide (SiC) technology, a 4U 6kVA high-performance AC/DC power source with high power density is created, which reduces the size of the parallel connection of high-power power sources and saves space for test equipment.

Supports AC wide range input

Supports AC single/three-phase input

1. It is convenient for software engineers to use it immediately in the office using mains.

2. It can be applied to mains in various countries. Customers do not need additional wiring, which can save costs.

10 output modes

ASR-6000 power source output modes include 5 categories: INT, EXT, ADD, SYN, VCA, a total of 10 output modes

It can meet users different test applications with one unit, including AC + DC, internal output, external signal control internal output, External Input Signal Frequency and Mains Synchronization external signal amplification, external signal superposition of internal output signal.

Supports multi-channel output

In three-phase output mode, single-phase channel independent output is provided

Three-channel output meets the testing requirements of hot-swappable redundant server power sources (such as CRPS server power sources).

Balanced and unbalanced three-phase output modes

Emulates balanced and unbalanced three-phase power output.

Enables customers to quickly verify the product's ability to restore balanced three-phase power through three-phase control in the event of unbalanced three-phase power or phase failure.



The flagship model ASR-6000 series is particularly suitable for three main target markets:


  • Server/communication power supply manufacturer
  • 6kVA on-board charger
  • Uninterruptible power supply system (UPS)


ASR-6000 as a powerful standalone unit capable of providing comprehensive three-phase power supply. This simplifies the testing setup and significantly enhances the efficiency of high-power server power supply testing. GW Instek invites you to explore the ASR-6000 series and experience firsthand the technological advancements it brings to power source solutions, specifically tailored for high-power AI servers.



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