2016/02/04   Chinese New Year Holiday Notice 2016/01/15   New firmware release of Digital Storage Oscilloscope, GDS-1000B, GDS-1000A-U. 2016/01/15   GW Instek Introduces PEL-2000A Electronic Load 2015/12/30   GW Instek Introduces GPE-X323 Series Linear D.C. Power Supply (High Resolution) 2015/12/22   GW Instek Introduces APS-7000E Series AC Power Source 2015/08/17   GW Instek launches new AC Ground Bond Tester GCT-9040 2015/01/15   GW Instek Introduces APS-7000 Series Programmable Linear AC Power Supply 2015/01/12   GW Instek Introduces GDM-8351 Digital Multimeter 2015/01/12   GW Instek Introduces GDS-2000E Series Digital Oscilloscope 2015/06/01   GW Instek Introduces GDS-1000B Series Digital Oscilloscope 2015/03/18   Invitation GW Instek booth No.M501 in FIEE 2015, Brazil 2015/02/10   Holiday Notifcation 2015/02/04   Invitation GWInstek booth No.3F32 in Middle East Electricity 2015, DUBAI 2015/01/09   GW Instek Presents Three New Products in January 2014/12/30   Website Redesign Announcement 2014/10/24   GW Instek Launches GSP-9300 Spectrum Analyzer 2014/09/02   GW Instek launches new economical safety testers GPT-9600 Series. 2014/08/15   GW Instek Debuts GDS-300/GDS-200 Compact Digital Storage Oscilloscope 2014/07/18   GW Instek Rolls Out the Brand New PSU Series Single Channel Programmable Switching D.C. Power Supply 2014/07/22   GW Instek launches the brand new AFG-100/200 series 25MHz USB modular arbitrary function generator 2014/12/04   NEW LOCATION!!! INSTEK America is MOVING! 2014/08/03   European subsidiary established. 2014/06/18   GW Instek Rolls Out the Brand New GRF-1300A RF Training Kit 2014/06/18   GW Instek Invites you to PSECE 2014, Philippines 2014/06/18   GW Instek Rolls Out the Brand New PCS-1000 Precision Current Shunt Meter 2014/06/18   GW Instek Debuts The Brand New USG-Series RF Signal Generator 2014/06/18   GW Instek Rolls Out the Brand New PEL-3000 Programmable D.C. Electronic Load 2014/06/18   GW Instek Rolls Out New Four-Channel DSO – GBS-1000 Digital Oscilloscope 2014/01/06   GDS-2000A new optional accessory: Rack Adapter Panel GRA-420 2014/01/06   GW Instek Announces New 50Ω Impedance Adaptor (GAK-003) Option for the GDS-2000A Series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes 2013/11/20   GW Instek Announces Two Brand New Applications for GDS-2000A Digital Oscilloscopes ─ CAN and LIN Bus Trigger and Decoding Functions.