AEL-5000 AC Load New Product Announcement


GW Instek launches 20 models of the AEL-5000 series AC/DC electronic loads depending on the power range. The power range of a single unit is from 1875W to 22500W, and up to 8 units can be connected in parallel. The maximum power of single-phase parallel connection can reach 180kW, and the total power of 3-phase can reach 540kW, which are suitable for UPS, Inverter/Breaker, AC Power Source, Battery, Fuse/Breaker, DC Power Source and other applications.

The AEL-5000 series has built-in precision measurement circuits such as 16-bit A/D and DSP to provide accurate measurement items, which include voltage root mean square value (Vrms), current root mean square value (Arms), and watt value (Watt), volt-ampere (VA), crest factor (CF), power factor (PF), total harmonic distortion (THD), voltage total harmonic distortion (VTHD), current total harmonic distortion (ITHD) , peak current (Ipeak), maximum current (Amax), minimum current (Amin), maximum voltage (Vmax), minimum voltage (Vmin), time measurement. In addition, built-in test modes include UPS Efficiency, PV Inverter Efficiency, UPS Back-up time, Battery Discharge time, UPS transfer time, Fuse/Breaker Trip/Non-Trip, short circuit simulation, OCP, OPP and other test modes.

The AEL-5000 series has the Turbo mode (ON or OFF can be selected) design, which can increase the current and power of the electronic load by 2 times in one second. For test applications that require transient high power and large current such as transient overload test of protective components or short circuit of Fuse/Breaker and AC power supply, OCP and OPP tests etc.. The Turbo mode provides the most economical solution.


 If you want to get more information, please link to : AEL-5000 AC Load product page