GPT-15000 Electrical Safety Analyzer New Product Announcement

GW Instek introduces the flagship model (500VA output capacity) safety analyzer-the GPT-15000 series, which is the first safety analyzer in the world to comply with IEC 61010-2-034 (Safety requirement for electrical requirement for measurement, control and laboratory use – particular requirements for measurement equipment for insulation resistance and test equipment for electric strength), which stipulates that the requirements of the software and hardware interfaces must be followed while designing high voltage and insulation resistance test and measurement instruments so as to ensure that users are provided with necessary protection and warning while using the instruments.


The GPT-15000 series safety analyzer has four models: GPT-15004 features AC/DC withstanding voltage test, insulation resistance test, AC ground bond test and continuity test; GPT-15003 conducts AC/DC withstanding voltage test, insulation resistance test, and continuity test; GPT-15002 carries out AC/DC withstanding voltage test and continuity test; GPT-15001 executes AC withstanding voltage test and continuity test. The entire series provides an output capacity of 500VA and utilizes a high-efficient PWM amplifier to effectively exclude the influence from the fluctuating input voltage or distorted waveforms so as to guarantee a stable high-voltage output while conducting AC withstanding voltage test on the DUT to meet the safety regulations such as IEC、EN、UL、CSA、GB、JIS that demand the test requirements for various electronic/electrical products or parts.


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