GW Instek introduces PEL-3000H Series Programmable DC Electronic Load

GW Instek introduces new PEL-3000H programmable DC electronic load, which not only inherited functions and features from the PEL-3000 series but providing three current ranges for all PEL-3000H series and adding voltage monitor BNC terminals on the front panel. The PEL-3000H series, a single-channel, programmable D.C. electronic load with 800V and 0.84A/μs current Slew Rate, is ideal for the test of the high voltage devices such as the EV & HEV in-vehicle chargers, DC/DC converters or high-voltage batteries.


With respect to battery testing applications such as rechargeable batteries for electrical tools, battery module and automobile battery, PEL-3000H has three stand-alone models to offer including 175W, 350W and 1050W. By connecting Booster (2100W) units with master units, the maximum load capacity of those models can reach 9,450W. Hence, the PEL-3000H series fulfils various power testing requirements including medium to low-power or high-power power supply.


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