Digital Power Meter GPM-8310/GPM-8213 Promotion


Promotion Period: Sept. 1~Dec. 31, 2021




GPM-8310 Digital Power Meter


GPM-8213 Digital Power Meter

  •  5”TFT LCD
  • DC, 0.1Hz ~ 100kHz voltage/current test bandwidth
  • Two numerical display modes: General mode: displays 2 main test items + 8 secondary test items ; Simple mode: displays the test values of 4 main test items
  • 4” TFT LCD
  • Two data display modes
  • Standard : two major measurement items + six secondary measurement items
  • Simple : displaying test data of four different measurement items


For more information: www.gwinstek.com/de-DE/Produkte/layer/Other_Meters/AC_Power_Meters#prod_list