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GW Instek launches new PSU-HV, Programmable Switching D.C. Power Supply.
GW Instek PSU-HV series has five models, including PSU 100-15, PSU 150-10, PSU 300-5, PSU 400-3.8, and PSU 600-2.6. The launch of PSU-HV is to complete the existing PSU series so as to satisfy high voltage application demands, allowing the augmented PSU series to cover a voltage range from 6V to 600V. PSU-HV inherits the functional design and maintains the high power density characteristic and 1U height appearance of the PSU-LV series (PSU 6-200, PSU 12.5-120, PSU 20-76, PSU 40-38和PSU 60-25). Furthermore, the original maximum output voltage of 60V is expanded to the maximum voltage of 600V and the maximum power of 1560 watts. The launch of the PSU-HV series augments the existing PSU series to fully satisfy the extensive voltage demands of 1U power supply market and provides system integrators with more flexibilities and selections to conduct system integration. The introduction of the PSU-HV series has perfected the PSU product line, which satisfies the application requirements ranging from low voltage and large current to high voltage. 

Utilizing same model units of the PSU series to conduct series and parallel connections can increase total output power, total current or total voltage. The wide voltage and current output ranges of the PSU series can fully satisfy various voltage and current measurement requirements. The PSU series is a single power output DC programmable power supply, which outputs 1200W to 1560W. The PSU series provides maximum 2 units in series connection (models under 300V) to achieve maximum 600V or 4 units in parallel connection to obtain maximum800Aand the maximum output power of 6.24 kilowatts.

 The PSU series allows settings for CC priority or CV priority. Under CC or CV mode, users can adjust slew rate for output voltage or current based upon test requirements. There are two kinds of slew rate settings: high speed priority and slew rate priority.  High speed priority sets slew rate at the maximum speed to reach CC or CV mode. Slew rate priority allows users to set slew rate for CC or CV mode in order to control rise or fall slew rate. Slew rate priority mode is ideal for motor tests by adjusting the rise time of output voltage to protect DUT from being damaged by inrush current occurred at turn-on.

More details, please follow PSU-HV Series product page.