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Other Meters

In order to provide customers with a complete "one stop shopping" solution, GW Instek also offers many other special test and measurement instruments for different applications. For power related measurement, bench-top GPM-8212 Digital A.C. power mete is suitable for middle to high-end applications. If you need to measure the impedance of material components, the GOM-800 series D.C. milli-ohm meter is your ideal tool. As for audio signals related measurements, GW Instek provides GAD-201G automatic distortion meter and GVT-417B/GVT-427B A.C. millivolt meters. We also supply several models of the GFC-8000 series frequency counters with ranges of 2.7GHz, 1.3GHz and 120MHz. Other special application instruments such as digital IC tester and logic probe (pulser included) are also available. 

Other Meters