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Spectrum Analyzers
Spectrum Analyzer, GSP-9300
 Movie LinkLanguage
GSP-9300 FM Radio FunctionyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 FM 廣播功能 
GSP-9300 2FSK Analysis FunctionyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 How To Measure 10MHz Reference Output signals?youtubeEnglish
GSP-9300 How To Measure 10MHz Reference Frequency's Harmonic Signals?youtubeEnglish
GSP-9300 AM Analysis FunctionyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 Scalar Network Analysis Function For Amplifier Gain MeasurementyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 Scalar Network Analysis Function For Antenna MeasurementyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 Fast Sweep ModeyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 scalar network analysis function for filter measurementyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 FM Analysis FunctionyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 FSK Manchester Decoding Function youtubeEnglish
GW Instek GSP9300 vs Keysight N9320B Speed ComparisonyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 How to measure feeble signals?youtubeEnglish
GSP-9300 P1dB Point MeasurementyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 Spectrogram FunctionyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 Time Domain Power MeasurementyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 Topographic FunctionyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 IntroductionyoutubeEnglish
GSP-9300 ASK Demodulation & Analysis FunctionyoutubeEnglish
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜儀測量10MHz參考輸出信號youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜儀測量10MHz參考頻率的諧波信號youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜分析儀: 何測量微弱信號?youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜分析儀的快速掃瞄模式youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜分析儀的時域功率測量功能youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜分析儀的頻譜圖功能youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜分析儀的拓譜圖功能youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜儀的AM分析功能youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜分析儀的FM分析功能youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜分析儀的ASK解調及分析功能youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜分析儀的FSK Manchester解碼功能 youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜儀 2FSK 分析youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜分析儀的P1dB測量功能youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 頻譜分析儀的純量網路分析功能: 放大器增益youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300 純量網路分析功能: 天線測量youtubeChinese
固緯電子 GSP-9300於純量網路分析功能: 濾波器測量youtubeChinese
固緯電子(GW Instek) GSP-9300 vs 是德科技(Keysight) N9320B頻譜分析儀的掃瞄速度比較youtubeChinese
Spectrum Analyzer, GSP-730
 Movie LinkLanguage
Experiment 1: Basic operation of a spectrum analyzeryoutubeEnglish
Experiment 2: Measuring a baseband waveformyoutubeEnglish
Experiment 3: Difference Baseband Waveforms and their Harmonic MeasurementyoutubeEnglish
Experiment 4: Measurement of the RF carrieryoutubeEnglish
Experiment 5: AM Signal MeasurementyoutubeEnglish
Experiment 6: FM Signal MeasurementyoutubeEnglish
Experiment 7: Using a Spectrum Analyzer in Communication SystemsyoutubeEnglish
Experiment 8: Measurement of communication productsyoutubeEnglish
Experiment 9: Production Line ApplicationsyoutubeEnglish
GSP-730 & GRF-1300 E-Teaching System DemonstrationyoutubeEnglish